Sunday, July 3, 2011

Toyota Rush

New Toyota Rush has recently launched into the Indonesian market, where the specifications and price New Toyota Rush is not much different from the previous Toyota Rush which is about 190 millions, to discuss the Toyota Rush facelift, this is an ideal family car version of my best Indonesia, in addition, because of its stout, this car also can accommodate a considerable number of passengers as well, where previously the Toyota Rush long series only able to accommodate five passengers, well in the new Toyota Rush can use up to 7 people with 2 optional seats in the rear,
Emazing Black Toyota Rush 2011
Toyota Rush Interior
Toyota rush mini-MPV is a fun, brought the concept to become a new option Best Ideal Indonesian Family Car. Having a basic concept the same running gear with a conventional hatchback Yaris. But the Yaris Verso is designed with the concept of a more economical, reliable functionality with surprising interior as practiced by the Tardis.
White Toyota Rush Fast Car
New Toyota Rush. Price New Toyota Rush, best Indonesia Ideal Family Car
The design of the New Toyota Rush is also using the power designers from Indonesia, where it can provide a touch of the ideal family car for the family of Indonesia, because Toyota Rush is also an excellent car, this car comes with a new look, prices rose 2.5 million Toyota Rush each model that starts from Rp 191.7 - USD 214.8 million on the road in Jakarta which is the Toyota Rush S automatic, manual S, G and G auto manually.
Seen from the exterior view. Where to look to the exterior of the car is getting nice course, but it's a touch of Indonesian designers create new toyta increasingly slick rush seenbesides the addition of technical features in the form of improvements in the performance of suspension as well as applications that championed electric power steering will be seeded

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