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Bmw 535i

Bmw 535i review
Bmw 535i,From the row of five series which was launched some time ago, variant spoiledone famous for the person behind the wheel. Why? Because of course, is precisely the 535th driving pleasure for the driver.

So, please forgive me if there is no fun as his friends who are also launched on June 16 last year, which is enforceable 523rd and 528th. Describe a valuable guide flawed U.S. $ 1.18 M (the road) this?

Once in front of the figure of five series, the course will show a 'comfort' fathers sedan ', comfortably seated and pull smooth quiet voice.

But all this will go away when he met with the 535th. How can we not, by gazing at the engine room, six-cylinder engine will appear. Outside twin exhaust snout mean something different than a normal engine.

Well, start the engine with the keyless start / stop, which sounds good, but still leaves a pretty cool roar. Position on D or only the S (sport), then step on the gas! He seemed to respect the backs of the seats, because its attraction as infinite acceleration gear-eighth.

In addition, there is no choice of transmission modes, Normal, Sport and Sport, the second, of course, is the ability to make the control more exciting, because the support that will reduce the DSC, although there are certainly still leftfunction of this safety device.

8-speed transmission is a complete new in this 5-series BMW, can be operated with steering wheel gearshift paddles and steptronik. Similar to car racing! Control problem, still the same as its predecessor, remained stable at various speeds.

At the start, speed up to above 200 km / h was reached only briefly by the motor car with a torque of 400 revolutions per minute Nm/1.200 this. In the gas continues until the needle of the speedometer is approaching 260 km / h. No need to distance was too far to reach this speed.

In fact, the driver again ruined here, the view ahead is clear enough at night that HID lamps with adaptive headlamp, this device can make a lamp in the direction toward the wheel.

Not to mention, fog lights also illuminate the side of the road when cornering. If this problem in the era of the early 2000's has been applied in other cars.

To adapt this car was speeding. On the road that was not too well any more spoiled drivers. In addition to the strains of a song with good sound quality, there is also a function of automatic lock system. Living activate it if they want to stop for a while 'as when jammed or the hill, there is no need to worry.

Stay with the D position, put the foot brake locks the wheel so as to activate the brake. No need to hold the brake pedal pressed. I want to go, just keep pressing the accelerator.

like this driver, not really very contagious to the rear. Rear passengers get more space than its predecessor only raised, with a completeness not different than previous versions.

Once again, the 535th, there is no fun, in the form of two TV monitors behind the headrests in the front as the 523rd and 528th Executive. Although the audio system with 12 speakers, 250 watts. embarrassment to its owner.
Test Results
Bmw 535i Acceleration
0-100 km / h 7.1 seconds
40-80 kmh 4.2 seconds
0-402 m 16.3 seconds
BMW 535I Braking
100-0 kmh 35 m
Fuel consumption (liters / km)
inner-city eighth, ninth
Constant of 100 kmh 1 / 13
Outside the city of 1 / 11

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