Monday, December 13, 2010

New Invicta S1 Cars

Invicta S1 was designed to echo and surpass the effortless performance of pre-WWII Invicta cars, the thoroughly modern Invicta S1 is a front engined, rear-wheel drive coupe, with race-bred suspension, steering and brakes. It is a genuine ‘Grand Tourer’ with a powerful V8 engine, luxurious cabin, cavernous boot and large capacity fuel tank.

New design of Invicta S1 Cars

Duo Invicta S1 Cars

Invicta S1 Cars looks elegant cars in black color

Luxury new Invicta S1 Cars

Sporty Invicta S1 Cars

New Invicta S1 Cars for racing

The Invicta S1 is powered by an ultra-reliable, 4.6-litre, 32-valve Ford Mustang V8 engine which produces more than 320 bhp and drives the rear wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox and limited-slip differential. The all-leather trimmed interior provides spacious accommodation for two large adults, the boot will hold two complete sets of golf clubs and the 100-litre petrol tank gives the S1 a range of 500 miles, between fill-ups.

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