Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 Lotus Esprit

The new Lotus Esprit represents the very essence of exclusive supercar driving. It picks up and exceeds the legacy of it's forefathers. Think of it as a statement of superiority. Think of it as Lotus CEO Dany Bahar's personal statement of intent, his vision for the future of Lotus.

New 2010 Lotus Esprit

2010 Lotus Esprit from top view

Exotic 2010 Lotus Esprit in white diamond color

2010 Lotus Esprit in yellow color

Sporty 2010 Lotus Esprit but looks elegant

The system is designed to harness energy created during braking, offering a boost of energy activated by a button on the dash. The boost is equivalent to nitrous, but with no side effects.

Red 2010 Lotus Esprit

Modification of 2010 Lotus Esprit

Black 2010 Lotus Esprit looks active cars

he styling of the Lotus Esprit echoes the performance with strong lines throughout the sleek low body. The symmetry through the mass and proportion of the Lotus Esprit give it an intense look, it's the perfect example of the new Lotus DNA in action.

Front seat of 2010 Lotus Esprit

Steering wheels of 2010 Lotus Esprit

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