Monday, December 27, 2010

Chrysler ME412 Cars

The ME412 was Chryslers first attempt at a genuine supercar. The prototype ME412 held an 850 horsepower quad turbo V12 engine mated to a 7-speed Ricardo Double Clutch Transmission developed specifically for the ME412 and featured the latest double wet-clutch technology and electronic control strategy. The exclusive transmission delivers uninterrupted torque to the rear wheels with 200 millisecond shift times. Despite the ridiculously high performance figures the ME four-twelve does not forget comfort, and the interior is adorned with soft leather and suede with some exposed metal and carbon fiber for that high-tech, high performance feel.

Exotic Chrysler ME412 Cars

Chrysler ME412 Cars concept

Elegant Chrysler ME412 Cars with beautiful lighting

Chrysler ME412 Cars from the top

Interior of Chrysler ME412 Cars

Engine detail of Chrysler ME412 Cars

Cool wheels of Chrysler ME412 Cars

Impressive exhaust of Chrysler ME412 Cars

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