Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato Wheels uses forged aluminum parts to custom manufacture 3-piece Forgiato Wheels for your vehicle. Each Forgiato Wheels is manufactured to the exact specifications the end user requires, such as a replacement of the standard original wheel or one for an exotic, one-of-a kind fitment and finish. Forgiato Wheels offers the discriminating auto enthusiast an unrivaled choice in expression, performance and reliability. Forgiato Wheels combines a leading design philosophy with modern construction technology. High grade Aluminum inner and outer halves along with (Forgiato Wheels) forged 6061t6 heat-treated CNC machined centers bring those ideas to life. All done in house in Forgiato Wheels California Facility!

Forgiato Parlaro With Unique Design and Satin Black

Forgiato Aresto Satin Silver With Chrome Lip

Trendy Forgiato Wheels With Orange Color Combination

Unusual Forgiato Wheels

Cool Forgiato Wheels In Black

Chrome Forgiato Grano

Forgiato Wheels With Black Chrome and Black Lip

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