Friday, May 27, 2011

Bmw e36

                                                             Bmw e36
Jakarta – The original car manufacturer does have good skills, especially if we buy a sports car then we’ll get a car with great power and rapid acceleration. But sometimes all that is still lacking, because humans have always felt lacking in terms of any case that’s perfect even though according to men. If you want to add power and acceleration, the car will be modified by the owner of the car to get the desired result.
One of them is the BMW E36 coming from Jakarta, Indonesia. As quoted from the second car, BMW E36 is capable of producing power to 750 hp while on the wheel about 550 hp. Wooowwww.
Changes in the BMW E36 is not only located on the engine, body is also experiencing significant changes. BMW E36 4-door who has converted to BMW E46 2-door coupe. Body also replaced BMW E46 using the body starting from the front, door to the rear.
For the legs, everything is tailored to the interests of drifting. Starting from the suspension until the front tires that have been tilted so many degrees of true drift-style car.
As for the inside is made simple with just pinned a combined 19-inch TVs booming sound system. This car speakers using the Venom Coax 6 inches and VX 4112 w subwoofer with two power namely V1100 4P Venom and Venom DV 2000 5:11 capacitor banks and VC 1.2 FS11.
Although there are devices in the cabin comfort, safety features this car according to Dani is in compliance with FIA standards for drift car category.
Look at the frames in it. Not just welded, but it actually integrates with the chassis. The level of security is already a standard car drift car international, “beber Dani.
Furthermore Dani then tell if the car is not only a display car alone, melaikan really special car made for drifting events.
It’s really drift car. The plan of 2011 will drift contests will be followed this car.’ll Loose all my audio, body is also going to be replaced each fiber for a lighter,” said Dani who won several trophies at the prestigious event modification contest

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