Sunday, April 17, 2011

Honda S2000 Spoon Sport

In the world of Honda tuning, Spoon Sports has earned a reputation for offering the highest form of services and products. This is not an easy thing since Honda already builds its engines to a very high level. Think of the B18 or K20 units of Civic and Integra Type R and S2000 FC20/22 grown to more than 100 hp per liter. How can we improve this without compromising the durability and ease of use?

We have all heard stories of people throwing the pod filters and large diameter exhaust their search for integrase and S2000s horsepower gains, when in fact it had followed exactly the opposite. Of course, we can not interfere with the fine-tuning the delicate balance between intake and exhaust high compression naturally aspirated engines. E 'is precisely this mentality that has driven Spoon continues to develop these power plants, and not "disturb" their natural balance.

As soon as we heard that Spoon and a guy had just finished editing his latest demo car we headed straight to their workshop in Tokyo. We were greeted by Mr. Ichishima who immediately got to work with us to take some layers of the Spoon headquarters, where is the building area of ​​the engine. We managed to take off and the monitor is currently building a motor FC20, which had been carefully assembled Naoki Yoshida, Director of Engineering. Yoshida showed us some interesting parts, such as F20C and K20 dry sump kit, the prototype of exhaust manifolds, finely polished head and spoke to us in some parts and work Spoon ago. We were shown a spoonful of suspension are assembled and how the attention to detail that the company is also known extends to similar care with the springs under the weight so that the entire four-plate series, offers the best performance and feel when using the car.

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