Thursday, September 15, 2011

Renault Car 2011

Renault 2011 is a great cars, very powerfull, and many models from Renault cars...Renault announced its plans to unveil the brand-new Wind coupe-roadster . The 2011 Renault Wind is designed for two persons. Despite the fact that Renault pitches the car as a coupe-roadster, unlike other CC models with retractable hardtops, the Wind uses an exclusively innovative electric roof that rotates 180 degrees into the trunk, which is capable to open in just 12 seconds.Advantages of this car is the only car of its class to provide just as much luggage space (270dm3 VDA) whatever the position of the roof. Renault affordable for everyone.
Luxury Renault Cars With Soft Blue Color
Blue Renault Cars Exterior
Black Renault Cars on The Road
White Renault Cars Looks so Sporty
Renault Cars Interior
Soft Blue Renault Cars Outstanding

Renault Wind 2011

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