Friday, January 21, 2011

Acura Integra

The Honda Integra (sold in some markets as Acura Integra) is a compact sport coupe made by Honda during the years 1985 to 2007. It is usually a two door front wheel drive car that is able to house four passengers with a four door variant available. The first generation Integras actually came with two different engines. Although they shared the same engine code (D16A1), there were a few differences. The engine differed in the years 1986 to 1987 and 1988 to 1989. The two engines are commonly called the "Browntop" and "Blacktop" due to the color of their valve covers. The "browntop" came in 1986 and 1987 Integras while the "blacktop" came in 1988 and 1989 models. The improvements in the "blacktop" engine included lighter rods, domed pistons for slightly higher compression, and an electric advance distributor (the "browntop" came with a vacuum advance distributor). The overall gain in performance was about 5 hp (3.7 kW) for 118 hp (88.0 kW). The 1990-1993 generation Honda Integra bears the code E-DA. This is the most important generation of models in Honda's history as this is where the legendary VTEC system was introduced. The very first VTEC engine was the 160PS version of the DOHC VTEC B16A. The first model to use this engine was the DA6 Honda Integra RSi/XSi, introduced by Honda in April 1989. Thus as the official Japanese Domestic Market(JDM) Honda factory manual for the DA6 states, the first VTEC engine in the world is a B16A bearing the serial number 1000001 and was used in an Integra RSi/XSi which bore the chassis serial 1000001. There were two main variants of the top DOHC VTEC model, the RSi and the XSi. The RSi was the base model without any options, while XSi was the fully optioned variant with climate control and optional sunroof and ABS. This top ranked DOHC VTEC model was complemented by more docile models that used dual-carburator or PGM-Fi versions of the versatile ZC engine but in the more compact SOHC configuration. Similarly there were base and full options variants of these SOHC engine Integras coded RX/RXi and ZX/ZXi respectively.VTEC engagement starts at about 5,700RPM for theses motors,B16A,B17. In 1991, the range received minor cosmetic changes. More significantly the B16A engine was enhanced to current generation specs increasing compression 10.4:1 and wider cam-profiles producing 170PS. The 1991 revision also saw the introduction of the first 1.8L engined Integra. The DOHC (non-VTEC) B18A was first used on the 1991-1993 Integra ESi producing 140PS (103KW) which came with an optional limited slip differential (LSD).

Honda debuted the third generation model in 1993 in Japan. Acura followed in 1994. It had an unusual four headlight front end design which was dubbed "bug eyes" by some enthusiasts. Standard power from the B18B engine increased to 142 hp (105.9 kW), and the GS-R received the B18C1 VTEC engine, equipped with a dual-stage intake manifold, ported exhaust manifold and a displacement increase (from the second generation integra) from 1.7 liters to 1.8 liters, bringing power up to 170 hp (126.8 kW). The bug eye model was known in Japan as Integra Si and it powered by a B18C engine with a power of 180Hp which later became the type R power lump. Dealer installed options for the third generation Integra included: security system, alloy wheels, trunk mat, splash guards, fog lights, and CD changer. The fourth generation Integra, produced from 2002 on, was renamed the Acura RSX for the United States, Canada and Hong Kong in accordance with Acura's new alphabetical naming scheme. It also had an entirely new engine, the K-series. The Integra came in two models in the United States, the RSX base model, and the RSX-S boasting the K20A2 engine from 2002 to 2004, while the 2005 and 2006 RSX-S came with a K20Z1. The RSX was still sold as a Honda Integra in Japan and Australia, markets where Acura did not exist. In March 2006, Honda announced that the Integra would be discontinued in June after its final 300 cars were sold, due to the shrinkage of the coupe market. The reaction of the consumers towards the discontinuation, however, forced Honda to extend production until July 2006 and produce 150 more Integras. The Acura RSX was discontinued as well, as the RSX did not fit within the confines of Acura's re-structured market strategy, and that the introduction of the similarly powerful and less expensive 2006 model-year Honda Civic Si was there to fill in the gap left by the RSX.

Outstanding cornering response and enhanced braking performance also are a hallmark of this limited edition vehicle. This is made possible by features such as: an overall vehicle weight reduction by 93 pounds (compared to the current Integra GS-R); lower overall vehicle height (by 15 mm compared to the GS-R) and aerodynamic refinements — such as a chin spoiler, wing-type rear spoiler and body-colored side sills – that result in 30% less lift (CI) and 1% less drag (Cd); racetrack-calibrated suspension, high-performance tires and lightweight aluminum alloy wheels in Championship White; larger disk brakes with performance-oriented calipers; refined Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS); reinforced unit-body structure. The interior of the Type R also has a distinctly racing look and sporty feel. Features include sport-style seats, a serial number plate on the center console, a leather-wrapped steering wheel and shifter knob, carbon fiber-like instrumentation design with amber illumination, and an exclusive Type R ignition key. Powered by compressed Nitrogen an electric 3way valves an a ten switch box. For the Up, down, an side to side. The interior is a custom silver an black with chrome flake. The seats are rapped in white vinal with chrome flake. The center consil was fiberglassed for a PS2. It has a 7 in flip out TV in the dash an two TV’s in the headrest. Indiglo gages for better look at night. The stereo is 2 JL 12′s powered by a audioban amp. In a custom trunk enclosure wrapped in black cloth with a floating Nitrogen bottle in the center! T
he motor runs great. Only 64,000 miles.Gets great gas mileage an look good!! It’s a 5 speed manuel transmisstion. This car is show ready, an Can be a daily driver. I don’t drive it but maybe 20 times a year but It can be a daily driver. I have over 40 Grand Invested in it. I was asking 15k. but Lost my job an need to sell it. This car has won best of show at NOPI an other big named car shows. Its one of a kind an really need to see it to respect the quality of work!!! So Don’t drop abunch of money on a car that takes for ever to fix up!! Buy one that’s already done!!!

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