Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Free Facebook Credits Level Up! Load

Recently Level Up! Games partnered up with a gaming company called Live Gamer to enable Filipino Facebook gamers to buy their Facebook credits using Level Up! prepaid cards. If you haven't read about that, you can read it at the following link: Facebook Credits with Level Up! Load

With respect to that, and particularly from HUGE PLAYER DEMAND (see: inbox and FB page full of request messages), I'm again giving away five P100.00 denominations worth of LU! prepaid cards—a total of P500.00. That's a whopping 65 Facebook Credits, that is, if you manage to enter all the pins given below without anyone getting ahead of you.

Do note that the free Level Up! load pins I'm about to give you are not solely for Facebook Credits alone. These free Level Up! load pins could also be used for LU!'s roster of online games, such as Ragnarok, RF Online, Rohan Online, Grand Chase, Allods Online, and even Ben 10: Omniverse.

So enough chatter. I just hope you type—or in this case copy-paste—fast. Remember, I'm going to give away only five P100.00 Level Up! load pins on this post. Put in the equation the dozens of viewers viewing this page at the same time as you are. If you get one, congratulations. If you get none, well, better luck next time.

Whatever your game is, get your fingers ready. Go!

Card Number                          PIN

PLC0412110002655             2P3CKHMVEA

PLC0412110002656             5M4EYVAQQK

PLC0412110002658             1A9SCPNECS

PLC0412110002660             8L2FBPBLBU

PLC0412110002661             3H1XVLBVGH

If you do manage to snatch one of the codes above, saying a little thank you wouldn't hurt. Whatever your game is, be it at Facebook or at Level Up! itself, at least with these small amounts you can buy something useful.

Don't forget to like the Tj's Daily! Facebook page. With enough likes (1,000 likes I guess), I may do another free Facebook Credits Level Up! load giveaway in the near future.

'Till my next installment.

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