Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Audi A1

Audi A1
Manufacturer : Audi AG
Production : 2010–present
Assembly : Brussels, Belgium
Predecessor : Audi 50
Class : Supermini
Body style : 3-door hatchback
Layout : Front-engine, front-wheel drive
Platform : Volkswagen Group PQ25
Engine :
1.2 L TFSI 63 kW (85.7 PS; 84.5 bhp) I4 petrol
1.4 L TFSI 90 kW (122.4 PS; 120.7 bhp) I4 petrol
1.6 L TDI 77 kW (104.7 PS; 103.3 bhp) I4 diesel
Transmission :
5-speed manual
6-speed manual
7-speed S tronic
1-speed (A1 e-tron)
Wheelbase : 2,469 mm (97.2 in)
Length : 3,954 mm (155.7 in)
Width : 1,740 mm (68.5 in)
Height : 1,416 mm (55.7 in)
Curb weight : 1040-1140 kg
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VW Polo Mk5
Designer : Stefan Sielaff

Elegant Red Audi A1
The restricted club of the small compact premium cars has a new pretty boy. Called Audi A1 and is the latest proposal from Audi for a type of customer that defines the brand as "trendy, young and stylish." The question of style is indeed crucial in this new Audi A1 or not we were talking about a category where scores the Mini (reborn and thriving at the hands of BMW) and also recent Citroën DS3.
Although Audi has not overlooked some rational values in the Audi A1 - the presence of the Start & Stop system in the Audi A1 diesel version is one of them - the truth is that there is a strong emotional appeal on the basis of the birth of Audi A1. We speak of a three-door car with four seats (theAudi A1 rear are small) and whose luggage compartment (270 liters) is not exactly reference.
How to explain the choice of a Audi A1 car that can be more expensive than a family? Well, that's where the excitement comes the style.
The Audi A1 has appealing aesthetics, benefits from Audi's build quality and allows (as rivals) a multitude of customizable details, especially overseas.
In theory, it can almost say that each Audi A1 is ... unique.Audi A1 Show View
Audi A1 Interior
Audi A1 Concept
The Audi A1 is available in three different powertrains, the new Audi A1 seduces by the interiors too. Materials pleasant to the touch, simple and modern design and the driving position oriented for sporting sensations.
The version that we were able to drive (Audi A1 with diesel engine 1.6 TDI with 105 hp) has good direction. Whether the intake either in the way city dwellers react to challenges and roads. Audi A1 it is not a pure sport car, but has unique personality and character.

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