Saturday, July 9, 2011

AUDI A1 premium supermini

This is AUDI A1 premium supermini.We’ve got a bit apathetic with the aggravate that is the Audi A1. After all, we accept a appealing acceptable abstraction what it’s all about and it seems to be actuality milked for all it’s worth. We did run the ‘Audi A1 Graffiti’ tease, and the ‘Audi A1 Design’ a few canicule ago. But we’d absitively we wouldn’t do addition until there was absolutely some able detail.

But back the video actuality alone in and we saw what Audi was adage we anticipation we care to address it. The video is aloof a ‘Talking Head’ video, this time featuring Werner Zimmermann, Audi’s Head of Quality. But what he says will put the car amidst the pigeons, decidedly as as far as BMW are concerned.

So what does he say? The acceptable Herr Zimmerman claims that the Audi A1 will be the alone exceptional car in its sector. Herr Zimmermann waxes agreeable (well, as agreeable as a Corporate German can) about the exceptional materials; the bound shut curve and console gaps; the tactility of the apparatus console and the brittle attention of the switches.

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